Free Liberalism

Liberalism is a political philosophy that favors liberty, reason, peace and private property. Liberalism lifted the West out of poverty in the Industrial Revolution, but now socialists and authoritarians have hijacked the word “liberal”.

Liberal ideas include free trade (laissez-faire capitalism), individual freedom (individualism), limited government (a freedom-respecting government which prefers to leave people alone), equality before the law (no special privileges, no favored individuals or groups), and freedom of conscience (freedom to think for oneself, freedom from intellectual authorities). Liberalism rejects violence in favor of reason, and seeks social harmony – peace between all individuals and groups (including classes, families, professions, religions, castes, cities, nations).

Liberal means (from the Oxford English Dictionary):

  • (Economics.) Favouring or characterized by unrestricted trade.
  • Designating any of various political parties advocating individual rights and freedoms;
  • Supporting or advocating individual rights, civil liberties, and political and social reform tending towards individual freedom or democracy with little state intervention.
  • Free from bias, prejudice, or bigotry; open-minded, tolerant; governing or governed by relaxed principles or rules;

Free Liberalism means:

  • The original, pro-freedom type of liberalism.
  • Freeing the word “liberalism” from the anti-liberal advocates of socialism, wealth redistribution, more powerful government, trade restrictions, and other authoritarian policies.
  • Sharing ideas about liberalism that don’t cost money.


Liberalism: Reason, Peace and Property. I’m really happy with this overview article. In the future I will add articles covering some topics in more detail.

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